Saturday, July 25, 2009

These Weeks in the Mission Blogosphere

It has been a bit since I had time to include one of these end-of-the-week posts. As a result, this one will include good Bogosphere discussions over the past several week. However, I will not comment on them as much as I normally would.
  1. Pragmatism in Missions: Missions Mandate provided a link to a very good article on this subject, worthy to be read. How much of our method is pragmatic? How much truly Scriptural?

  2. Desiring God Posts: the ministry of John Piper, Desiring God, had several good posts. I cannot endorse a lot of what Piper puts out (such as his Calvanism and Christian hedonism), but his missions-related material is often good. I encourage you to read these posts: Bad Times are Good for Missions, 10 Ways to Help Kids Love Missions, and Piper's new book free for download, Filling Up the Afflictions of Christ.

  3. The Best Way to Start a Church is to Start a Church: This is from The M Blog. It is a good post concerning obedience oriented education. Let me suggest that our education must be obedience oriented or it is not Christian. Remember: "Teach them to observe (obey) all things whatsoever I have commanded you."

  4. Sending Church: Blogger, Larry McCrary, spends much time focusing on the role of the local sending church. He is in a series of posts on the subject. This post was particularly good.

The recent series here:

Urgent Need: Solutions for the Coming Missionary Support Crisis

  1. Initial Post: demonstrating the facts behind the crisis

  2. Solutions: an offering of several solutions for the crisis

  3. Paul and Secular Work

  4. Secular Jobs as Partial Solutions

  5. The Missionary Support Model of Jesus

Coming Soon:

  1. Single Male Missionaries, their contribution to the current crisis and to field effectiveness

  2. Supporting Fewer Missionaries at Higher Levels

  3. Resource: Mission InfoBank

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Definitely looking forward to the upcoming posts! Should be very informational!