Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Resource: Etnopedia

For those who have been waiting for a next post, sorry. I've been out of town for a bit, but I'm back now - crazy summer! I'll start back with this short post concerning another Mission-related resource online.

Etnopedia is primarily a Wiki translation project, aiming to provide multiple language groups with unreached people group information. It remains a helpful tool for English-speakers though. Of course, it is not as complete as English information that you could get elsewhere, at Joshua Project or Peoplegroups.org. Nevertheless, it can prove useful in coordination with other tools.

As with many people group-oriented sites, you can browse for people groups by name and nation. Being yet at the early stages of Wiki-development, perhaps some in this audience would be able to contribute to the community. This could be done by providing more people group information or translating existing profiles.

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Solution to the Missionary Support Crisis: Supporting Fewer with More

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Anonymous said...

We are thankful that the web-site Etnopedia with detailed profiles of unreached peoples is daily growing. We believe this web-site will become an important tool for the reach-out to the unreached peoples in this world. Check out the Etnopedia at http://en.etnopedia.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page which is a wiki. Right now there are 2,350 profiles in Spanish and more than 1730 in English, more than 1860 in German, beside of the people profiles there are also special information on the countries; about 220 in Korean, and about 170 profiles in Indonesian, please pray, that these portals will continue to grow and been used. There are some other portals in different languages, but they are still more or less empty, waiting for people joining the team. If later all peoples be presented in this multilingual web-site, this will become a wonderful and fruitful tool for intercession for the peoples in this world, also a challenge to move out with a vital ministry to these peoples. Already now it is a very useful tool for all the mission prayer fellowships, because they get important back ground information, which will help them in their intercession. Contact David Markham at info@etnopedia.org for more information how you can help in this project.