Monday, July 20, 2009

I Believe in Us

I believe in Independent Fundamental Baptist churches. I believe that we have greater potential to significantly impact the remaining world missionary task than any other denomination or movement. I have many reasons to believe this.
  1. We believe in the local church. We believe that it alone is called and is able to fulfill the Mission of God in our generation. We believe in its ability, through its Head, to do a miraculous work in the world. This conviction has, can, and should be used to mobilize a new generation of Baptist churches to change the course of Mission history.
  2. True Baptists have a heritage unlike any other denomination or movement. Its principles and doctrines go all the way back to its Founder. We have been an independent people, cast out and persecuted, for 2,000 years. Nothing has stopped us, though much has slowed us down (especially prosperity and lack of trials). The gates of Hell cannot prevail against us!
  3. I see the hearts of many Baptists and Baptist churches being submitted to, broken and softened by, the Spirit, moving them toward a greater view of and involvement in the Mission. I see passion stirring and mobilization beginning anew.
  4. I see a greater potential and willingness to serve and sacrifice among us than I have seen in any other movement I have been a part of in the past.
  5. I perceive that our current minor economic setbacks will bring a new era of sacrifice that will only do us and the Mission good.
  6. and on and on. . . .
While there are many improvements that I believe need to be made to our approach to the Mission, I am overwhelmingly optimistic. These are just a few reasons why.

Are you optomistic about us? I hope so. What are some of the things that make you optomistic about us fulfilling the Mission? What are some areas of growth that you perceive? What are you willing to do?


Dan said...

I am also a Baptist, although for the sake of preventing disagreements, I'm not going to disclose which affiliation. I just wanted you to know that I happened by your blog today and plan to subscribe.

Ya'll are doing some fine work out there and it's nice to see a good blog. Best wishes.

Rocky said...

Southern Baptist (I couldn't resist). Welcome Dan.

Debtor Paul said...

Thanks for your comments Dan. All are welcome to comment and interact on this blog. It will, of course, be purposefully directed toward Independent Fundamental Baptists. However, most of what will be said here will be related to biblical-missiological issues that will be helpful to many.

Welcome Dan, and thanks.

Dan said...

Good to be here where I can read good things about missions. Invigorating!