Monday, June 22, 2009

Resource: World Map

Need help visualizing the remaining World Mission task? Statistics and words sometimes do not help us to realize the condition of the world as they should. Sometimes pictures can provide a needed supplement to statistics. This is where resources like World Map come in.

The World Mission Atlas Project (MAP) has turned statistical missions data into maps, allowing us to visualize the status of global evangelization. There are several things here that I would like to draw your attention to:
  • Getting Started - On the home page you will find an interactive globe. Just spin it around and click on a region that you want to know more about. Another way to get started exploring their site it to choose a country or region in the drop down bloxes labeled "explore a country. . ." and "explore a region. . ."
  • The World - On this page you will find a valuable map. Under the heading "Downloads" and sub-heading "Global Status of Evangelical Christianity" there are two downloads. They are the same map in different forms (.jpg and .pdf). The .pdf download is large, but allows you to view the document in greater detail. Notice where the least unreached peoples are on the map. Where are we doing the most work? Is there any discrepancy?
  • Nations and Regions - I pointed out under "Getting Started" a couple of ways to find the information you want. Here is an example. Click on Central Asia, either in the "explore a region" drop down box or by clicking (twice) on that region in the interactive map. This will take you to a map of the region. Below the map are three .pdf map downloads. Download these to see how we are doing in the region with evangelization and translation. Now click on Iran back on the Central Asia page. You will see a map of Iran with several relavent .pdf map downloads below it. How can we get the Gospel to this needy nation? Now you can go to the region/country of your choosing.
Any of the maps on this site can be used freely, just be kind enought to credit them as the source ("Map Source:"). Use this resource to better your understanding of what is going on in the world, and what remains to be done. Seek to spread the Gospel where it has yet to be heard!

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