Sunday, June 28, 2009

This Week in the Mission Blogosphere

Here's the line-up for this week in the Mission Blogosphere:
  • "Simple Church", not so simple?: The MissioMishmash had a couple of good posts about "Simple Church". This is often a similar concept as organic and house church. There is quite a movement developing around the attempted return to a more New Testament model of church life. This blogger's first post contained a brief description and off-the-cuff analysis of their ideas. The second post was a great simplification of what we often complicate. I encourage you to read them both. I have done quite a bit of reading about house and organic churches. Like this blogger, I see a great amount of New Testament merit to many of their ideas. However, in the process of throwing out the bathwater, they sometimes throw out the baby. They throw out pastors (practically) altogether. They (practically) throw out preaching altogether in church life. However, all must admit, that we have moved to a more business-like model of church life (though we constantly deny this verbally, we affirm it in practice). We often function more like an organization (constantly adding programs and committees) rather than an organism (with the Spirit freely leading through the gifted members). Does there need to be change? Definitely. In my estimation, this blogger offers a good rough evaluation of the Simple Church approach, read it.
  • 5 Common Great Commission Myths: The Network for Strategic Missions hosted an article by another writer about some myths. Here are the 4 myths I thought were most significant: 1. The myth of accidental discipleship (no, it is intentional) 2. Jesus wants converts (wrong, He wants disciples) 3. When I am ready and able, I will start making disciples (do it now, for He is able) 4. Making disciples is great advice (no, it's a command). Oh, if we all (me included) could overcome this type of thinking! Please read this article, and ponder what myths you have held. Are you willing to be obedient to the command today?

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